Start Your Own Online Cannabis Store

The Single Best Way to Start Your Very Own Online Cannabis Store.

Opening an online dispensary can be appealing because of the unlimited revenue potential. Even if you already own a storefront dispensary, why not expand your business reach in order to sell more?

Everybody knows that opening a dispensary online sounds very exciting but there are a lot of obstacles if you don’t know how to expertly navigate your way around existing software solutions and get traction for your start-up.

If you’re serious about opening an online dispensary and are brand new to running an ecommerce business please take note of these tried and true tips that will help you get the early traction that you need:

  1. Be sure to check any federal regulations and laws before even opening up your store.
  2. Open your online store – this seems pretty straightforward but there is a ton of planning that goes into product photography, logistics, and copy writing.
  3. Start reaching out to bloggers in order to build up your backlinks that will contribute to your SEO. Remember, Google doesn’t trust new sites.
  4. Legitimize your business – the easiest way to build trust and increase sales is to show visitors that you have an active community who love your products. Start by adding product reviews to your product pages and testimonials to your homepage.
  5. Start A/B testing when you start to see a little bit of traction on your website
  6. Stay focused! If you want early traction, you need to reach out and command it.

Get straight to growing your business. When we say it’s never been this easy to start your own online dispensary, we mean it. You need to hustle, you need to test, and you need to bring your store into the world. For every 1 person that magically finds your store on their own, there are 100 people that have no idea you exist.

Pull a stunt that gets press or even giveaway your products for free in order to promote word-of-mouth marketing. Try it all and do it all.